Personal training


Safety first,

At sea or in river, it’s important to take topographical maps about the paddling area and for sure to take different meteorological sources.

Thus we will be able to understand large systems  forecast over the period and deduce the hypothetical impacts on the practice area.

About kayak safety rules, we organise some workshops with the objective to show you the most important rules to know for paddling in safety conditions.

Reminder mandatory equipment at sea

Equipment up to 2 nautical miles from shelter :
A mooring line fitted with a carabiner, of a length at least equal to the length of the boat,
A bailer or pump connected to kayak,
A flash light,
A paddle float.

Equipment up to 6 nautical miles from shelter :
Add to Equipment up to 2 nautical miles from shelter,
Waterproof lamp,
A compass,
Three red hand lights,
A foghorn,
A nautical maps of navigation area,
A signalization mirror.